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Twilio () is an American cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company based in San Francisco, California. Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.


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Olga says

"Wanted to implement One Time Code via SMS with twillo'. It's very simple feature, 20 minutes of development and 10 mins for organisational things. However.... My process during the last 7 days: 1. Registered 2. Capcha every login 3. Upgrade account (don't use twillo' tips, strange errors in this case) 4. Paid first deposit 5. Integrated their API into my app. 5. Account was suspended couple of days after that! 6. My "case" (I had a case?) was transferred to Fraud Dept. 7. They asked me for my personal social networks, refused. 8. They decided to have a Zoom call with me! A Zoom call to have a simple option of One Time Code via SMS for my app! Got the feature I wanted with another service. It took me an hour."

Ege Özalp says

"Suspended out of nowhere with no explanations. Did this 5 times. The service itself is fine but the customer service is horrible"

Alex Stephan says

"don't work for the mobile device, doc is very bad"

wil says

"Worst Ever Customer Service in 25 years"

billywhitemusic .com says

"After preparing a mass send, I found that my test messages were going to "promotions" folder and that there alignment problems. I was then upsold to a higher-tier account ($89) and the problems persist. Due to extremely poor customer service, it's been ONE MONTH that I've been waiting for assistance."

Curly says

"The main source of all current email spam. You really ought to do something about it. Ignores months and months of abuse reports, and they still keep coming"

jttown says

"our business phone number suddenly after MONTHS of functioning now gets "You have reached a non working number" Other phone numbers on the same trunk work. I was told by support that it's my inbound route. Moving that trunk to a different pbx yields the same result. Basic support by email is non responsive, don't trust your business to these folks. Not a serious business platform."

John Doe says

"They fail to help you and working with them my perception is they won't even answer tickets once they "feel tired of you". The curious thing is before I've only needed a few times and they have a record of not solving any issues. Once, I got a negative balance of $100 USD, so I asked them reasons for this and they told me "I won't happen again, please pay to continue using the platform". I for sure spent that money, but they told the platform stops sending sms messages if you don't have money left, which is the logical way. Weeks later it happend again, but now for over $1000 USD. I talked to them because they didn't fixed anything as they said and also let me go way out my budget (it was a weird character in the SMS I sent, more later). And since I was intending to spend no more $300 (I made my calculations) I had to ask for resons for me burning almost $1500 USD, most of that money not even having it as balance (again). Basically they never told me why the negative balance was so high, told me to check the reports (which at the moment were not working because a pagination issue, and the platform could not export to excel because the amout of information.) At the end they just closed the ticket without solving anything. Later I investigated myself what could have gone wrong and discover that id you send a SMS including some characters it automatically breaks down into several pieces (usually 3) so, the cost is now triple... Redacting that SMS may have been my mistake (our marketing agente, actually) but burning only our budget ($300) is not compared to expending $1500 USD because Twilio stoped validating balance (I'm sure they deactivated this on purpose so they can "steal" extra money through the contingency). Again, I had to pay. Then another case: I created another twilio account for another área of my company, they wanted to have their own invoices and spend their own money. After creating my token for the API and start testing in my application I noticed they didn't work. Switch to my first account credentials and it worked again, so, once again I opened a ticket asking for help. Well, they didn't help at all, they were always telling me it was a problem in my environment and I sould upgrade my software and hardware, ignoring every time the proves I showed to them of my environment working on first accout but not with the other. I asked them if the account were configured differently so, maybe, they could make the configuration of the second one the same as the first one, they told me all account as the same (which I later on their website found isn't true, new accounts have distinct requirements). I decided not to use their libraries and making the rest request directly from my application with my own code and everything worked, so, another prof of my environment been right and them and not knowing their own infrastructure. Last, but not least, Their platform have some misleading controls, one of them makes you believe the User Roles add up to each other (they display checkboxes). I needed "billing" permissions to get the invoices and click on the "Billing" check box to add that role, but oh surprise, That checkbox actually behaved as a Radio and remove my previous role... Now I'm locked out my accout because I have much less permissions than before... Well, had to ask, once again, help to restore my permissions but untile now, one ticket and 4 emails later, not a single answer, so yeah, they suck."

SB says

"Avoid Twilio's SendGrid if you are a small-to-medium business by email volume. We've been a paying customer for over 5 years with perfect score, but today was a major disappointment. We've noticed an unexpectedly high bounce rate of 64% on a recent email campaign (with usual being 0-3%). Quick check of logs showed that SendGrid's IP that was assigned to us was put on a blocklist by SpamHaus, rendering more than half of our deliveries useless. Quick check on SpamHaus showed that since 3rd of Sept many spam & phishing attacks originated from another SendGrid client that was assigned same IP. Not sure for how long we've been sharing it and how much business we've lost as a result, but should be a quick fix I thought. I reached out to SendGrid asking to be moved to a different IP. Within a few hours I finally get a response admitting that it is indeed a common problem at SendGrid, but despite being a paying customer I cannot be moved to a different IP address. My two only options would be: 1) Wait it out until we are automatically rotated to a different IP address (days? weeks? months?). 2) Pay up for a Pro account with a dedicated IP address. So Sendgrid knows they have an IP that's causing major disruption to their paying clients as a result of poor vetting & monitoring process, but instead tells you to wait it out or pay up."

Carol Pasquale says

"I contacted technical support over two weeks ago and my problem has not been resolved or even addressed. They said the would set up a call but didn't and would not give me a phone number to call them. I was working with my software company and asked the Tech support rep to get on a conference call and he said yes but never set it up or gave us his number. This is unacceptable service especially since this is the first time we are using the service and it doesn't work. You really need to train people to support your product."

Mbavhalelo Dzimbahe says

"Twillio customer service is crap and they are racists! They are rejecting my application giving me some crazy request like my Government ID must show my physical address... what the nonsense. They even rejected my business registration. What the hell. I even called them and the lady who was supposed to assist me was so rude and hanged up my call. Rubbish customer service!"

Katie Apperson says

"I have been trying for 3 weeks to get a number ported over.. They didnt tell me it needed to be ported over for almost 2 weeks.. There is no help from a manager (they have said they will call me then dont and send me a review of our conversation saying they are helping) The lack of customer service is insane"

Edwin John says

"Twilio is a rip off, and the worst company to deal with in SMS marketing solutions."

Hussein Ebrahimi says

"Twilio removed my account without any warning. Support is very bad. Never start a project with Twilio. They are expensive and not very reliable."

Michelle says

"I haven't used this service in forever and they randomly charged my card without my permission to add more funds. scam."

Tommy McNally says

"Lucky Escape! I've filled in 3 contact forms for call backs and haven't had anyone contact me. No customer service number or UK support contact. By reading these comments i had a lucky escape!"

Benedikt DE MUYT says

"our mails over the ip of Sendgrid is blocked by all microsoft servers (like hotmail, outlook, live, ...) we post a request to sendgrid support but don't even get a response .... support really sucks"

Ido says

"These people give you the illusion that your expenses are capped by forcing you to pay them ahead of time ("recharge your balance"), but then keep billing you long after your balance reaches zero, without notifying you. You can come in 2 years later and find that you have a >$300 "debt" to them, which is exactly what happened to me."

Julien Gianoncelli says

"I have been trying to figure out the pricing of their service for over a month now. After a productive call with one of their sales manager, I never heard back from them. Neither did I receive the promised price sheet. My follow-up emails and calls have not been answered anymore. Whenever the general service line is picking up, each service agent gives you different information that you cannot rely on."

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